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"Two black gadgets in her hand are all she thinks about," White spits about a female antagonist on "Freedom at 21," before getting Pat-Robertson-preachy: "No responsibility, no guilt or morals cloud her judgment." There are other strange transgressions by women against men on Blunderbuss.During the opener "Missing Pieces," a girl figuratively amputates White's limbs.Jack concluded that he was 'hopeful' the band would be revived, but ultimately, didn't say whether or not that would ever happen.Now it appears that the band's last recording will be their live album Under The Great White Northern Lights, which was released last year.White used to be exclusively a rock star—he was half of the White Stripes—but his interests are diverse, and he has lately stopped touring and writing to dispose of them.His company, Third Man Records, which is based in Nashville and Detroit, produces vinyl records and sells them from stores at its offices.He saw himself more as a custodian of the Nelson house than as its owner. “If you could take care of it and pass it along, it’s good.” The car travelled through farm fields beneath a dome of blue sky.“Anyway, it’s a place I can go and write songs and shake up my environment,” he continued.

The band, comprising of Jack White and ex-wife Meg White released a statement saying they 'will make no further new recordings or perform live.'They added that there were a 'myriad of reasons' for the breakup, but the main reason was to 'preserve what is beautiful and special about the band.' The statement continued: 'The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue, nor any health issues as both Meg and Jack [White] are feeling fine and in good health.'However, it's thought that Meg's inability to conquer her crippling stage fright led to the pair's decision to dissolve their hugely-successful partnership.In keeping with White's many musical and personal eccentricities, at one point early in their career, he told reporters that he and Meg were not in fact divorced, but were brother and sister.Last summer, Jack White bought a house in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that he had seen only in photographs.Later, on "Sixteen Saltines," he cowers before a woman whose "spike heels make a hole in a lifeboat." White as a lyricist has been obsessed with women for more than a decade now, perhaps to a greater extent than any other rock star in his generation.Certainly, he's got more girl problems than any of his blues-rock contemporaries.