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TIGHAR researchers had already suggested that a small jar, found broken in five pieces, could have contained Dr. Other beauty products included a shattered bottle with the word "Mennen" embossed on its side in Art Deco lettering, apparently a 1930s lotion or cosmetic container of American origin, and small fragments of red material chemically identified as probable cosmetic rouge.The expedition and its findings will be captured by a film crew from Discovery Channel and aired as a documentary in August.

He is typically described in ancient and medieval Hindu texts as a sage with long flowing hairs that are neatly tied into a bun that is coiled with a tuft to the right, a beard, a handlebar moustache and a tilak on his forehead.( Malayalam: വശിഷ്ടൻ) Thai: Vasit, Tamil: வசிட்டர், Telugu: వశిష్ఠ).वसिष्ठ literally means most excellent, best or richest.One that is both recognised and accepted around the world.Our distinguished clients include; Law firms from all over the globe.