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Sexual tension is crucial if you want to prevent your relationship from getting boring.

How DO you make dirty talking part of your sexual relationship?

or if you really wanna get your hands dirty and do everything from scratch you need to play around with the AV Foundation library developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Audio Video/…But when you make a call with Opentok, the app must be active on the phone which is being called. I need to be able to call the phones which has the app as active or inactive.

With Voip it is possible to make this kind of calls as i see.

In i Phone/i Pad applications like Tango and Viber, you can make in app calls like phone calls.

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What you and your man are going to do is write down each of the fantasies that you most want to try out on a small piece of paper. i went off my birth control last month and my depression lifted, bringing back my sex drive in full force.i still masturbated, but only to have a sleep inducing orgasm.Also if you cancel the call it disappears on the other phone which is being called.Shortly it is exactly like a phone call but it is not, it is an in-app call. You need to implement VOIP background mode in your app.