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The Plastiki is the result of nearly four years of design, boat-building, hipster environmentalism and cutting-edge research into plastic polymers.

I started documenting the adventure for a National Geographic Channel film nearly two years ago, when the Plastiki was still just a bunch of wild sketches on a naval architect's notepad and a pile of dirty recycled bottles in a San Francisco workshop.

"My brother wonders why I can't just throw an egg at the prime minister," says de Rothschild, "but we live in a world obsessed by events, and we have to create events to make people sit up and notice."That's the sort of thinking that inspired de Rothschild and three others to set off in early March in an attempt to make the first British crossing of the Arctic Ocean, from Russia to Canada via the North Pole.

De Rothschild calls this Mission 1 for Adventure Ecology, the brand name he's given his environmental crusade.

David de Rothschild retained Glodow Nead to create and execute a global PR campaign for the launch of The Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran made out of post-consumer plastic water bottles.

The crew’s mission was to launch in March, 2010 and navigate more than four months and 8,300 nautical miles to a number of ecologically threatened regions to showcase how waste can be used as a resource and how big of an environmental impact waste (in this instance, plastic) has on oceans.

The most popular choice by far is global warming, mostly because it can justify exploration almost anywhere.Instead of getting fitted for a smoking jacket, the London-based de Rothschild has launched himself on a series of grand expeditions to the corners of the earth.His aim: to use the romance of adventure, and the power of the Internet, to unite the world's schoolchildren in the fight against global warming and environmental degradation.Max Jourdan and his crew mates kept the ship's blog... I figured it wasn't a question that would come up again soon.Do you want to cross the Pacific on a boat made of plastic bottles? The Plastiki adventure began when David de Rothschild, the British adventurer and environmentalist, came across a United Nations report on the state of the world's oceans, which pointed to the fact that our seas and their ecosystems are dying, suffocated by millions of tons of human waste, in particular plastics.