Clear glass beer botttles bottom dating

(The oval plate covering the engraving is clearly evident in real life on the bottle but only vaguely visible in the enlarged image to the right.) This example is a light to medium golden amber with a beautiful brilliance to the glass.

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Bottles made after the Civil War but before the first World War are referred to as "smooth based".

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"Pineapple Bitters" - These familiar shaped bottles are very popular with collectors for obvious reasons and this is an exceptional example. The base has a large (1.5" in diameter) and quite distinct pontil scar - a circular "disk" pontil scar which is an unusual pontil style for these bottles..unusual on American manufactured bottles for that matter.

This is the earlier example made from the same mold that was used for either the W & Co / N. Click base view to view this light but distinct pontil scar.

Clear glass beer botttles bottom dating