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She let IT consultant Blanchard, 40, take photos at her home in Southport, Merseyside, in August 2008 as she assaulted the baby on her sofa.Colin Blanchard, an IT consultant, wasn’t there — he was off to Dubai on a business trip. Noman Ahmed had a hunch that maybe his partner was doing some business deals behind his back, and with Blanchard’s Gmail account open he thought he’d just have a bit of a snoop.There was nothing that could have prepared Noman Ahmed for what he did find. Instead he found photos of a naked Blanchard (ugly fat bastard) and more than a dozen photos of kiddies being raped.Since then, Chapman has experienced further success with six more studio albums, which include her multi-platinum fourth album New Beginning, for which she won a fourth Grammy Award, for Best Rock Song, for its lead single "Give Me One Reason".Chapman's most recent release is Our Bright Future, in 2008.