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Two people were arrested on scene, while officers were looking for a fifth that fled the scene. Authorities seized three pistols and a Mercedes Benz that was suspected to be a getaway vehicle.Sekgotodi said two people would appear in the Ermelo Magistrate’s Court on Monday, facing possible charges of business robbery, attempted murder and possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.It fixed them and allowed them to be controlled by Roman Christian imperial and early Church authorities.

The Hawks called in reinforcements after receiving information about a possible armed robbery on Friday, said spokesperson Captain Dineo Lucy Sekgotodi.Please see the field school description on IFR website APOLLONIA PONTICA EXCAVATION PROJECT (FOUR-WEEK SESSION: 24 JUNE - 22 JULY, 2017) – Archaeological field school and dig at the temple of Apollo on St.Kirik Island, Sozopol on the Black Sea Coast (Bulgaria).Committing the text to print, instead of manuscript writing, could more firmly fix it in place so that it could not be altered by the unauthorized user.But how were texts best preserved and maintained in the ancient near east? 216-274 CE] and his followers, the Manichaeans, insisted that writing legitimized and authenticated their religious texts.